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Let Pokémon Go Bring Business To Your Door

Pokemon Go

How Pokémon Go can work for your business

Pokémon Go. You may be an aficionado, you may be someone watching with affectionate interest as family members play the game, or you may wonder what on earth all the fuss is about. It doesn’t matter: whatever attitude you take to the game, Pokémon Go could be good for your business and you should not allow the opportunity to slip by unused.


All over the world, with the possible but by no means certain exclusion of North Korea, children, octogenarians and all ages between are on their feet looking for Pokémon to catch. How likely is it that some are not passing within feet of your door? Answer: it isn’t likely at all. So, while they are out catching Pokémon, why don’t you set about catching them?


Other people are certainly doing it. Initially by chance and later, in many cases, by design, businesses that rely on local footfall have seen a spike in takings resulting from the fact that a PokéStop or a Gym was nearby. What’s a PokéStop? It’s usually a place of some local significance – a monument, a public building, a statue, a church – though where those are in short supply, other locations may have been selected. Whatever it is, it will be found on the local Pokémon Go map. Players who want to complete their Pokémon go journey need to go there. Why not get them to visit your place of business at the same time? Whatever you’re selling – books, ice creams, meals or something else – if someone playing Pokémon Go is also the sort of person who consumes your product, what better opportunity to attract that person could you ever hope for?


So where should you start? Well the first thing you have to do is to find out which PokéStops and Gyms are near to your business. It’s possible to do that, at least to some extent, without becoming a player (known to players of the game as trainers and to observers on the touchline as addicts) because there is a Reddit group called Pokémongo where trainers (or addicts, depending on your viewpoint) post map references to the PokéStops they have found. Unless you are both lucky and in a fairly built-up area, you may find that the map is not yet very well populated where you are – so perhaps you’ll have to become a trainer; if the game doesn’t appeal in itself, you don’t actually need to do anything other than check out where the PokéStops and Gyms are. But even if you’re not a lover of the game, there are bound to be some near you, so find one and offer a free book, a free ice cream or whatever you have in return for the information.


Now write a blog post telling people where those PokéStops and Gyms are. (If you have any difficulty doing that, call us – we’ll write a blog post for you every bit as good as this one. And that’s what you have to be certain of: that the post on your blog is as good as it can be. Include pics of the places in question. Embed a Google Map helping trainers find both the Pokémon Go sites and YOU! Don’t forget the social sharing buttons (and remember that many trainers will be using social media other than the obvious Twitter and Facebook).


Do all that and stress the Pokémon Go, PokéStop and Gym keywords and you’ll find that you have greatly increased traffic to your website – and, even if you don’t sell a single thing to a Pokémon Go trainer, you’ll still have boosted your SEO and that can only be a plus. The SEO will improve even more when other trainers link to your site to tell their fellows about the information you have – and they will do that.


But don’t settle easily for not getting sales as well as improved SEO. Think about what you can do to appeal to Pokémon Go players. Offer them a discount? Produce a special Pokémon Go doughnut, cookie, ice cream sundae or soft drink? If any of those would work for your business, do it but MAKE SURE THAT YOU ADVERTISE THE FACT – in your blog, on your website and on a chalkboard right outside your front door. You may not get a chance like this again any time soon, so get the attention of those potential customers and drag them in. 

Good hunting!

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